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How I Draw A Skull is now for sale

How better to learn about the human face and head than by drawing the skull underneath? In this new course spanning over 6 hours of video, we will draw the human skull from six different angles using ballpoint pen. You will gain an understanding of volume, foreshortening, how to build a pre-sketch with basic lines, and more…

Sketch Hands with France is out!

My newest course, Sketch Hands with France, is on sale now! This 90-minute workshop hones in on one skill — understanding the shapes and proportions of hands — and we will make 3 drawings applying it together. Check out all the details here: wagonized.com/product/sketch-hands-with-france/ And don’t forget — Gift Cards are available at wagonized.com/product-category/gift-cards for the…

Sketch Live with France Nov. 5, 2022

We are sketching live on Saturday, November 5 @2PM ET (that’s 8PM in Paris) — join us! And if you can’t, the video will be archived at wagonized.com/live. Sign up for my current course Draw Along Critters with France: Looking forward to sketching a beautiful bovine with you!

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