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I didn’t see an email with my username and password when I bought a course

Your welcome email should have been sent when your order was placed.

  • It may have been mistakenly marked as spam. Please check your spam/junk folder.
  • Its subject was “Your account has been created!” — if it was misfiled, a search for “wagonized” should find it.

If you can’t find your welcome email:

Where can I login?

  • There is a “Login” link in the site’s main menu.
    • Once logged-in, Memberships lists the course(s) you’ve bought.

Can I reset my password?

  • Yes — all you’ll need is your username or your email address. Your username was sent to your email address when you signed up.
  • Visit if you need to reset your account password.

My order is “processing” — did it go through?

  • Successful orders are listed as processing. It means your payment has been received and everything is in order.
  • There is another order status — completed — for shipped, physical products.

Where are my downloads?

  • On the “Memberships” page of your account, you should see access to your course(s).
  • Course materials are accessed via; videos are not downloadable.

Does “Membership” mean I’ll be charged again?

  • No. You are only charged once when you purchase a course.
  • A Membership is not a recurring Subscription.
  • Membership is how access to course material is made available to customers.

If your question isn’t listed, please…

Contact us

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  • If you don’t get a timely response, please check your spam/junk folders for messages from “”.