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Customer support — and pre-sales — questions

I didn’t see an email with my username and password when I bought a course

Your welcome email should have been sent when your order was placed.

  • It may have been mistakenly marked as spam. Please check your spam/junk folder.
  • Its subject was “Your account has been created!” — if it was misfiled, a search for “wagonized” should find it.
  • Sometimes accounts are created at checkout using a different email address than you expected (due to an email address associated with a payment method, e.g. Apple Pay or PayPal). If this happens, let us know using the form below, and we will be happy to sort it out for you.

If you can’t find your welcome email:

Where can I login?

  • There is a “Login” link in the site’s main menu.
    • Once logged-in, Memberships lists the course(s) you’ve bought.

Can I reset my password?

  • Yes — all you’ll need is your username or your email address. Your username — and an assigned password — was sent to your email address when you signed up.
  • Visit if you need to reset your account password.
  • If the password-reset form seems to be missing or incomplete, try allowing cookies in your browser. There has been a report of this happening, specifically in Safari on an iPhone. Content-blockers, such as ad-blockers, could also result in this happening; try temporarily disabling them, or whitelisting

My order is “processing” — did it go through?

  • Successful orders are listed as processing. It means your payment has been received and everything is in order.
  • There is another order status — completed — for shipped, physical products.

Where are my downloads?

  • On the “Memberships” page of your account, you should see access to your course(s).
  • Course materials are accessed via; videos are not downloadable.

Does “Membership” mean I’ll be charged again?

  • No. You are only charged once when you purchase a course.
  • A Membership is not a recurring Subscription.
  • Membership is how course materials are made available to customers.

Can I get an invoice/receipt for my purchase?

Absolutely! Request it using the form below. It will be emailed to the address you used to place your order.

If your question isn’t listed, please…

Contact us

  • Let us know how we can help by filling out the form below. We’d love to hear from you!
  • If you don’t get a timely response, please check your spam/junk folders for messages from “”.
  • If you have questions that aren’t covered above, such as any pre-sales questions, please feel free to drop us a line using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.