Sketch Hands with France, Part 2


“You will learn something today!”

This 2-hour workshop builds on the skills honed in Part 1, which was rendering proportions and perspective. This time, we will focus more on the details of a human hand: the knuckles, the wrinkles and the nails.

We will work on two drawings (of about an hour each) of 83-year old Faye’s hand. One will be in ballpoint pen and the other in pencil.

The emphasis continues to be on the process, the learning, the study — and while we produce finished drawings each time, we also stress the acceptance of mistakes and what to do with them (hint: they are a necessary part of the process and I am not afraid to crumple some paper!).

The goal is to give you a skill set for you to use every time you feel like expressing your creativity!

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