How I Draw A Skull


How better to learn about the human face and head than by drawing the skull underneath? In this new course spanning over 6 hours of video, we will draw the human skull from six different angles using ballpoint pen. You will gain an understanding of volume, foreshortening, how to build a pre-sketch with basic lines, and more importantly, how to lose yourself in crosshatching. 

How I Draw A Skull collage | France drawing and skull drawings in progress

Each angle we will explore will challenge us to grasp how light and perspective affect the drawing of such a familiar, yet fascinating part of the human anatomy. While it sounds as though it borders on a scientific approach to sketching, we will also learn to embrace the meditative aspect of drawing repetitive lines.

You do not have to have your own model skull as we will be working from reference photos, but in case you are interested in practicing more, I have put the link to where I purchased my own plastic skull that I named Keith (after my undying love for Keith Richards and his famous skull ring) in the course.

While I will be using Bic ballpoint pens, you are always encouraged to experiment with the medium of your choice.

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